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2023 Season is Over

Leaving the field for the year

Our peanut season has ended for the year. We are now closed till August 2024. We do not sell dry peanuts, only freshly dug, so that means we do not have any peanuts stored anywhere.

This was a very difficult season with the intense drought our area faced (which we are still facing) and also the extreme heat made this season unlike any we have known. We are very used to being rained out, but having to stop and wait on our plantings to mature was very different.

We are heartbroken that we were never able to ship peanuts this year. We really do enjoy shipping our delicious peanuts all over the country. This year just did not give us a time frame to be able to ship. The extreme temperatures lasted well into September and peanuts do not ship well in hot trucks and sitting on hot docks. Then the breaks we had to take in harvest did not align with the days we have to ship out. We only ship freshly dug peanuts, so the freshest peanuts arrive to our customers.

For everyone that did buy peanuts from us this year we want to send our sincerest Thank You! Thank you for hanging in with us and being understanding. Thank you to our loyal customers, we really do enjoy seeing you and talking to you year after year. And a special Thanks to our Vendors who were oh so patient and understanding.

If you need us in the off season we can be reached by email or hitting the contact button on this site. The office staff are moms/ wives/ grandmas, we are really only in the office during harvest. So goodbye till August 2024!


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