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2023 Season Has Started

Our MEDIUM JUMBOs are being harvested. MEDIUM JUMBOS will be available in all 3 locations.

It is still way TOO HOT to SHIP. We will do a post when we open our shipping list. Right now it is NOT OPEN!

JUMBOS are NOT READY! They usually are not ready till mid to late August. We do not have a timeline since they don't get ready on our schedule. We will post when they are available.

If you like or know someone that likes our MEDIUM JUMBOs come and get them while they are available since their supply is smaller than our Jumbos.

The Farm has a temporary number 601-427-4259. AT&T tried to fix our phone situation but it still not right, at least it is working, even though our 601-892-6000 is not working right now.


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