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About Our Peanuts

We grow Virginia type Green Peanuts on our family owned farm. These are green boiling peanuts not recommended for drying. We are USDA GAP certified and a PSA Grower. Our peanuts are harvested daily and immediately brought to our cleaning facility, where they are cleaned, washed, graded, bagged, hydra cooled and stored in our cooler to maintain their freshness.


Virginia Medium

A familiar peanut with a large pod and two crunchy nuts inside. 

Protein, healthy fats, fiber, vitamin E, vitamin B,  and essential minerals all packed inside a delicious snack.

Great for boiling!

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Virginia Jumbo

By far our most popular peanut!

Just like the virginia medium, only JUMBO size!

Wimpy peanut lovers need not apply.

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What are "green" peanuts?

Green peanuts aren't a separate variety of peanut. It's all about the moisture! 

Green peanuts are harvested while they are still moist. Because they have a high water content, they boil much faster than raw peanuts, but they must be refrigerated to maintain their freshness.  

Do your peanuts come from Virginia?

Virginia is the name for the type of peanut we grow. Our peanuts are grown on our family farm in the heart of Mississippi!

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