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The Season is Over

We want to thank our customers and vendors. We love hearing from people year after year who enjoy our peanuts. This season was very different for us, as the weather did not cooperate. We spent a lot of time playing catch up and trying to avoid the rain. The farm did not miss a single rain. And since peanuts grow in the ground, when it rains, it means we couldn't dig till it dried out.

We want to say how sorry we are that we never got to open orders for shipping this year. We love getting to send a little taste of home all around the country. Being rained out the first part of the week meant we were not able to ship peanuts since they must leave the farm freshly dug on Monday so they can reach their destinations as fresh as possible. Then the few shipments that did leave the farm were met with shipping delays, out of our hands, and with a fresh product that is not good. We hope that next year we will be back to shipping again.

We are closed, which means we have no peanuts stored anywhere, we only sell freshly dug peanuts. All locations are closed until August. The best way to reach us is here or via our email .

Thank you again! Can't wait for next season!!


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