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Rain and Shipping

Unfortunately, this season has been plagued by rain. We have been closed more days than we have been opened.

The problem with rain is that the soil is so saturated we can't physically get the peanuts out of the ground. The soil has to dry a good bit before we can dig the peanuts up, and right now it is a muddy mess out there.

Once the ground has dried, and we can supply our stores and vendors with peanuts, then we can focus on shipping.

However, we need a lot of conditions to go right for us to be able to ship properly.

With the increase in shipping delays over the past two years, shipping fresh produce has been difficult. When our shipments get delayed, they sit at a shipping facility too long and they ruin.

To make sure you receive the freshest peanuts, we dig and ship them on the same day. Because we don't want your peanuts held over the weekend, we only ship on Mondays. If it is too wet to dig on Monday, we can't get shipments out that week.

We are a small family farm and can only ship out so many orders each week.

We start shipping to nearby states mid-August, after the heat and humidity decreases some.

We start shipping to the rest of the country mid-to-late September, sometimes early October, when the weather has cooled down enough for the peanuts to stay fresh over the longer distance.

Unfortunately, hurricane season can cause unexpected delays during our shipping window as well.

The best way to know the most up to date openings and closings of our stores is through our Facebook.

At the moment our biggest priority is getting back in the field. As much as y'all want our peanuts, we want to be able to supply them. Hopefully this has answered a few shipping questions. We will do a post when start shipping and how to order.


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