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Plenty of Peanuts so Let's Ship

We are open and still have plenty of peanuts to dig. We will be digging well into October since there is no major rain in sight.

also shipping list is now OPEN!!

To place your order, please send us either an email OR a Facebook message. We prefer these to phone calls. Having this information in writing makes everything easier. Sometime our phone cuts out and it is difficult to get your order details.

After receiving your message we will then let you know shipping rates. Shipping rates depend on your location and those are set by Fedex. You do have to give us some time to get back to you since we are not online all day long.

*Please contact us only once! Sending an email AND facebook messages will cause more confusion and will delay your order.

*We do not ship instate. It is cheaper for you to visit one of our locations or see one of our vendors.

*We only ship out on Mondays, but we need your information before then. We do not accept same day orders on Mondays because we only ship freshly dug peanuts and we will not have enough time to prepare your order.

Once our shipping list fills for Monday, we will start a new one for the following week.

Thank you for being so patient with us. We do love shipping peanuts all over the country. We have some of the best, most loyal customers we ship to year after year.


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